The special cutting edge
comes from us.

Extrusion Cutting Technology

Whether shearing or cutting module, circular saw blade or rotating knife, pneumatically or electrically driven: we design and develop sharp, sleek solutions that set our customers a cut above the rest.

We provide you with a system solution that allows you to separate hoses, profiles, tubes and flat strips made of plastic or rubber, with or without metal insert, that is best suited to your product.

Cutting systems

We employ different cutting methods depending on requirements so that your extruded or plastic parts can be optimally separated and split directly in the extrusion line or from the reel.

Laser cutting

The laser-machines made by Hans von der Heyde do always come up with the right solution.

Extrusion peripherals

We offer a wide range of standard and customised solutions for peripheral tasks such as wrapping, labelling, marking, packaging or transportation.

Delivery rollers

To decal profiles in extrusion lines for a perfect further processing.


Machines to wind plastic or other materials in the peripheral area.

Packaging aid

Our packing aids makes possible to package profiles or other parts fast and to prepare them for the further transport.


The sag control by Hans von der Heyde or other extensions enabled undisturbed processes.

Laser engraving

You can easily label your products without tool wear or additional consumables – fast and accurate!

Cutting techniques from Hans von der Heyde

Die cut


Cutting against an anvil: The blade cuts against a surface that absorbs the cutting force.

Shear cut


With a shear cut, an upper blade moves past a lower blade with a scissor action. The workpiece is sheared off against the lower knife.

Circular or serrated knife


Rotating or serrated circular knife: This cuts through rubber and plastic parts without significant chip formation.

Fly knife cutter


Fly knife cutter R-Cut: A rotating knife „flies“ at high speed through the material cutting it to length.

Die cut


T-Cut: A closed die or shear cut with a die that incorporates the outline of the part.

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