Hans von der Heyde stands for innovative ideas in the field of automation, which optimize production and product. Due to our extensive know-how we can offer individual solutions in this sector.

Automation in the injection moulding production process

Feeding of inserts into the injection moulding tool

First, the components for encapsulation are separated and provided in the correct position. Depending on the requirements, we use vibratory conveyors or camera-supported robots. Of course, individual solutions are also possible, such as unwinding and punching from coils. These are common applications, especially for overmolding contacts.

In some cases, it is necessary to place the inserts on presentation plates because different parts are combined to a package or because they have to be heated.

We design the gripper for inserting and removing the components, which is attached to the robot or a handling system.

Sprue separation

The sprue can often be separated mechanically with cutting pliers. If the sprues are thick-walled, the locations are difficult to access or a high degree of accuracy is required, the mechanical section reaches its limits. In these cases, the laser is more suitable for cutting off the sprue.

Finishing and marking of injection-moulded components

With our Hans von der Heyde laser systems we apply DMC code or logo to your components. Punching, sawing or laser cutting: Parts that come from a SG tool sometimes have to be individually perforated or cut to different lengths.

Inspection of injection-moulded components

Whether camera systems, displacement measuring systems or, for example, electrical high-voltage testing and wobble circuit testing of encapsulated contacts – we integrate the desired tests.

Packaging of injection-moulded components

We design the packaging process according to the desired degree of automation. We also offer intelligent solutions for extending buffer times to reduce the number of operators required. We can map automated insertion into trays/KLT/carton as well as fully automated solutions up to the sealed carton.


You profit from our versatile and modular possibilities of modern injection moulding automation!