Laser ablation is a thermal process in which the surface layers of a base material are removed. The base material itself remains undamaged. The surfaces can be of different types, for example lacquering or vapor deposition of aluminium or titanium. A typical application example is the rear light of a car to create a special lighting design.

Laser ablation

With the 3D tool in our laser software it is easy to create fine contours even on the most complex 3D geometries. One or more laser modules are used in the cell, which are fixed or movable – depending on contour, component size and cycle time. We develop the right machine concept with the help of our modular system – e.g. the laser workstation with rotary table is a proven solution. We work with component-specific changing devices, so that different products can be produced with one system – without a great deal of set-up effort.

Please contact us already during the development phase of the components, as there are several factors to be considered (e.g. the reflection of the laser beam). We can also pre-test the feasibility of different materials, even if the geometry of the components has not yet been determined.