Always one cut ahead

Lasers for cutting, welding, marking and perforating. From the smallest notches to asymmetrical cuts, they can master any challenge and can process plastics, metals and composite materials – keeping you a cut above of the competition at all times.

We design and develop customer-specific production processes from the basic concept to the production-ready system. The focus of our work is on the separating methods such as cutting and perforating.

Laser cutting

Whether using a CNC laser, which is characterised by its high speed, or scanning technology that makes it possible to process thicker materials without significant cutting angles.

Laser marking

You can easily label your products without tool wear or additional consumables – fast and accurate!

Laser welding

Highly flexible application possibilities, especially short cycle times and also hard to reach areas are accessible by the laser welding systems of Hans von der Heyde.

Laser ablation

Laser ablation is a thermal process in which the surface layers of a base material are removed.